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Listed below are questions Ivonne receives regularly.

What is a commercial real estate broker?

A commercial real estate broker is a company or individual that provides real estate and transactional guidance while assisting with the purchase, sale or lease of commercial real estate. Ivonne Alvarez has dedicated herself to making sure that her clients receive the best terms, conditions and value on their investment transaction.

How can a commercial real estate broker help me?

Commercial real estate brokers make the overall process easier and provide peace of mind for the buyer or seller. Ivonne Alvarez believes in building strong relationships that flourish throughout the buying and selling process.

What is the difference between business and commercial transactions?

Commercial real estate brokers sell the physical space, whereas business brokers sell the business inside. Common traits exist, however neither are better or worse, they are only different areas of focus.

Why should I use a broker?

A broker adds value to the process. It's about peace of mind and acquiring the best deal throughout the overall experience. Ivonne Alvarez will protect your confidentiality, provide valuation expertise, advertise your commercial listing, negotiate on your behalf, protect you from poor documentation during the process, and help you avoid unnecessary fees that would reduce your value.

Property Management

Our fully automated management system is efficient, seamless and has been in place since 2009. We handle the marketing of the vacancy, tenant pre-qualification and screening, placement and accounting. The online automatic payment service keeps payments on time and are processed quickly. Take advantage of our simple leasing process with e-signatures and cloud storage. Our Mobile Owner Portal is available for landlord’s confidential and direct access to financials, reports and document copies. Excellent reliable service and competitive pricing is provided by our property management agents.

E-2 Transactions

For many foreign investors, the E-2 visa is an excellent option for those looking to live and work in the United States. Our brokers at RealNet Brokerage continue to work with and help clients from different countries and in situations requiring the need to relocate and work in the United States. We work well with the selling side and buying side of the transaction and also collaborate well with all parties involved; Legal advisors such as Immigration Attorneys, Real Estate Attorneys , Landlords, Insurance Agents and other specialist needed for your transaction. We help you with due diligence to make sure you find a business which is the “perfect fit” for you.

Buyer & Seller Resources

Ivonne and RealNet Brokerage are always staying up to date with current policies and potential future changes. Buyers and sellers need a brokerage that can quickly adapt to the constantly changing environment and needs of the client. RealNet Brokerage provides a host of resources available directly at your fingertips. Ivonne is your source for knowledge about the entire buying and selling process from start to finish. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask Ivonne if you've got a question! Resources are available to make the process easier for you and provide peace of mind.

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